Future Events

1 – 7 August 2020. Delayed until 31st July – 6th August 2021
A QGSDC meeting during Yearly gathering at Bath University.

Affirming trust, allyship and inclusion
A sharing event to explore how Friends’ experience of sexual orientation, gender diversity and sacred bodies is enriched by our spiritual lives and Quaker testimony. How shall we hear and uphold each other at times of heightened vulnerability?
This meshes with the gathering theme, Listening, Prophecy & Reconciliation: Allyship in a climate emergency and continues our consideration of privilege, inclusion and climate justice, and our hope to build and celebrate an inclusive community. This session will include a brief AGM.

October or November 2020.
A QGSDC gathering in Liverpool

Pride events across Britain – we would love to be present at as many Prides as possible and will provide a banners for Friends to use if you email info@qgsdc.org.uk

Reports of past events