Celebrating and Supporting Diversity: Sharing our Journey as Family & F/friends

Saturday 10 March 2018, 10.30 to 15.00
Chichester Quaker Meeting House, Priory Road, Chichester PO19 1NX


A study day at Chichester Meeting House, exploring sexual and gender identity inclusion from the point of view of family, friends and faith

Coming out makes a person, young or old, highly vulnerable to misunderstanding and even rejection from those closest to them. This study day will explore a Quaker approach to upholding close relatives and friends who support loved ones. We will hear from individuals who have come out in their sexual orientation or gender identity, and from those who have adapted family lives and friendships with them. We will consider how equipped our Quaker meetings are in pastoral and spiritual upholding.

The event is for Quaker members and attenders, in order to ensure a confidential, worship sharing setting.

Bring your own lunch – drinks provided.


To book, please email info@qgsdc.org.uk with your name, Quaker meeting and contact details.

Free, but donations will be gratefully received to help cover costs.


Chichester meeting has a small group called Working Towards Inclusion: The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Inclusion Group. (SOGII).

In October 2016, at their regular third Sunday talk, Chichester Friends heard speakers talk of their experiences – of being gay and of being transgender.

It was an exceptional meeting – with courage, frankness and humour they opened our eyes to our need for knowledge and understanding and, in the loving atmosphere of the group, it emerged that several Chichester Friends were endeavouring to support close family members and friends through their own joyful and turbulent journeys.

Following the session several of us kept in touch and were therefore thrilled to see the Inclusion Statement, from North East Thames Area Meeting. This led to Chichester Friends discerning their own statement. We recognised that Chichester Friends had their own particular and unique experiences, which we wanted to express. In September 2017 the statement was approved at Business Meeting and in November was approved at Area Meeting.

The statement includes: ‘In our sharing of personal stories we have come to recognise the need to support both those who are transgender and non-binary and their friends and families who may be struggling in coming to terms with their own personal responses and feelings.’