Quaker Gender and Sexual Diversity Community (QGSDC) is a fellowship of people of diverse sexual or gender identities within the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain. We welcome people seeking an inclusive spiritual home, and provide a voice and space for gender- and sexually-diverse individuals. We also act as a resource for Quakers and Quaker Meetings interested in sexuality and gender diversity and equality.

QGSDC is run according to Quaker principles, and we welcome non-Quakers who are in sympathy with the Quaker testimonies to equality, integrity, peace and simplicity.

We are a national network for support, action and friendly fellowship. We arrange occasional gatherings around the country providing an opportunity for sharing experience, learning, worship and enrichment. We also have a small, growing number of local groups.

We support equality for all gender- and sexually-diverse / LGBTQI+ people, among faith groups and in society, in the UK and elsewhere. We hope to inspire the Quaker community in Britain to reach out to people who are seeking a spiritual home but who feel marginalised or subject to discrimination by faith communities, because of their sexuality or gender identity.

We take data protection seriously and recognise how important personal confidentiality is for some, especially those not out. We hold a basic record of members’ contact details for the administration of the group and to contact members about our activities, and this information is not used for any other purpose.

By asking to become a Member,  you are in agreement with the above and seek to help further our aims.



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