QGSDC Statement 29 April 2018

We strongly challenge the misrepresentation, misinformation, disrespect and intrinsic antagonism towards trans people by Woman’s Place UK and others in pursuing their stated aims around gender identity legislation (including the GRA), and want to highlight the hugely negative effect this is having on trans people in Britain, including trans Friends.

We believe peace starts with us, and would be interested in seeking a peaceful way forward with those who are open to doing so. For dialogue to be fruitful each party has to commit to ending behaviour that is likely to kill, hurt or antagonise, and thereby clearly demonstrate a change in attitude. If it can be done in Northern Ireland and South Africa it can be done anywhere.

We don’t think Twitter, Facebook or any other social media is the place to do this work: it’s too easy for feelings to become heightened and for a situation to escalate very quickly, as demonstrated this week.

QGSDC continues to be a community of support and solidarity for trans people, and a resource for the wider Religious Society of Friends.

We believe that focusing on, and responding to, that of God (or good) in the other, however hidden, is key in all of this.