Minute from Quaker Lesbian Voices 2nd Nov 2019

Saturday 2nd November, Coventry Quaker Meeting House

We welcomed thirteen Friends to our QGSDC gathering Quaker Lesbian Voices at Coventry Meeting House, 2nd November 2019. We heard moving testimonies from three Friends reflecting upon their sexual realisation; coming out to families, religious and social communities; the sense of loneliness; the finding of joy and belonging in loving sexual relationships, in new communities and in worship.  We have seen how experiences have both changed and stayed the same, across generations.

We heard how lesbian lives have gone hand-in-hand with Quaker convincement and how, whilst there remain places of prejudice, that at their best, Quaker meetings offer acceptance, peace and equality.

Transformative stories were told from conventional upbringings to radical activism, radical activism to contemporary confusions, the joy when sex meets spirituality and when finding new connections.  We recognised that sexuality and loving relationships go hand-in-hand with journeys of the spirit.

We ended with writing a hopeful wish list.  On it included: creating networks of experience; recording and collecting our stories; fellowships around sex and Quaker spirituality; encouraging teaching, learning and sharing between lesbians and transgender friends; enriching our dialogue and acceptance; evolving and acting with love and acceptance; and to have more social and celebratory gatherings.

All felt moved to share this minute, as outreach to Friends.