Minute from Working for Inclusion 1st Feb 2020

With talks from Michael Booth and Edwina Peart, Friends House.


Over twenty friends gathered at Westminster meeting house to celebrate Quaker work for inclusion. We heard about the journey to equal marriage, through learning about each other, testing concerns and the way Quaker discernment surprised us and influenced the law. We heard about Quaker work on exploring diversity and inclusion, starting from race and class. This work has revealed the variety of sexual orientation and gender identity amongst Friends. This work requires deep listening to hear different experience of body and spirit and the way intersecting prejudice hides the lives of some people.

We shared ministry and reflection in creative listening.

We had tea and cake and used post-it notes to create reminders of our mission to equality. We recognised the following:

Sacred bodies – our experience of our embodied spirit;

Tools – our Quaker process of discernment to find unity, even if we are impatient about the pace of progress;

Being brave – to speak our truth, joy and pain, boldly and proudly, then to let our lives speak;

Outreach and inreach – to include all gender and sexually diverse (GSD) people, we make opportunities to learn, to listen to what people say about themselves, to respect, to welcome;

Language – we embrace the evolution and variety of language in describing ourselves and our experience;

Joy, love, celebration – at the heart of all of our personal experience is our seeking for peace, truth, equality and joy, and we want to share this with others.

We agree to share this minute with Friends.