Minutes of QGSDC Open Committee Meeting 13/02/2021

2021/02/1       Opening worship, apologies and introductions

Participants introduced themselves. Sabrina Jones was prevented. This was followed by a short period of worship

2021/02/2       News and reports from groups

We have heard reports from various groups around the country.  Scottish Gallivanters met on Zoom 3pm 9th January 2021, for chat and catch up.  It was happily attended by eight friends. SOGII in Chichester have not been meeting online, but Maria Martin has been putting out a monthly newsletter. QGSDC meetings continue to take place on Monday evenings and Friday afternoons.

2021/02/3       Finance report

QGSDC’s current balance is £6,728.  Chloe Scaling and myself Zemirah Moffat are your current treasurers. In January we benefitted from donations from individuals and meetings and give thanks to all.  Our outgoings continue to be low as committee and gatherings’ expenses are absent, and I do not expect a large change in balance until we meet in person again. An invitation to contribute financially including the bank details will be included in the next newsletter.

2021/02/4       Proposed events

  • The Event for LGBT History Month will take on Thursday 18th February and will reflect LGBT history and campaigning by Quakers since 1952. It is a joint event with LGBTI Staff Group. So far 50 people have signed up for this
  • Niomi Gabrielle and Yvonne Wood have put together a programme for a retreat, including worship and Quaker Quest style time for sharing.  This will take place on Saturday 20th March 2021, and will be publicised through the newsletter.
  • The presentation of With Full Conviction will take place on Saturday 24th April on Zoom from 2.30 to 5 pm
  • It was agreed in principle that we should host an event at the next Yearly Meeting, the details of this to be agreed at the next meeting of this committee.

2021/02/05      Website

It was noted that additional support was needed for amending and adding to the website, and assisting with social media work. There was also a need for more content and a clear editorial process. This is important work, and we are looking for an editor to work with Jarom and Peter. Information about this will be included in the next newsletter, and anyone who feels called to this should contact the clerks, or attend the next meeting.

2021/02/06       Campaigning/Activism work

It was agreed to create a campaigning and activism group to determine our priorities within and outside of Quaker groups.  This will be discussed further at the next meeting of this committee, and one or more convenors will be needed to take this forward. Information about this will be included in the next newsletter.

2021/02/07       London Pride

It was agreed that this should be deferred until the next meeting of this committee.

2021/02/08       Clerking Group

It was noted that Neil Macdonald,  Rob  Francis , Mike Jones, Sabrina Jones  and Elinor Kershaw have agreed to help with the clerking by rotation. Zemirah Moffatt offered to assist from the autumn.  It was felt desirable that one clerk from each meeting should be clerk at the subsequent one. Rob offered to do the minutes for the next committee meeting for which Neil will be convenor. It was also noted that Neil had prepared a list of actions for clerks.

2021/02/09       Elder Group

It was agreed that this should be deferred until the June meeting of this committee.

The next meeting will be on Saturday 10th April 2021 at 10.30 am