QGSDC Public Statement on Conversion Therapy

At our AGM on 8 October 2021 we agreed the following statement about conversion therapy:

We, as Quaker Gender and Sexual Diversity Community – a fellowship of LGBTQI+ people within the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain – affirm that any practice which seeks to change, ‘cure’, cancel or supress a person’s sexuality or gender identity (commonly known as “conversion therapy”) is unethical, harmful, and is not supported by evidence.

As Quakers we know that every individual is unique, precious, a child of God. As a group we hope to provide a welcoming space for individuals who share the joys and challenges arising from diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. We experience the Spirit expressed in a kaleidoscope of people and relationships. We believe that this diversity should be celebrated, not stamped out.

We send our love and solidarity to all who have experienced conversion practices, both coercive and non-coercive, which have attempted to control their way of being in the world. This includes many Friends we are aware of who have faced such practices in the past, and who have since found a home in Quakerism.

We therefore join with others, of many faiths and none, in calling upon the UK government to ban so-called conversion therapy without delay.